Create a Landing page

Landing Pages are extremely powerful and flexible pages.  Landing pages should be used when you need to:

  • Control page layout
  • Pull in information from elsewhere on the site
  • Create media or info cards

NOTE: Because of it's flexibility, Landing Pages are more time consuming to create than Basic Pages.  If you do not need to above functionality, we recommend using the Basic Page template.

  • From the top navigation menu, click on Shortcuts > Add Content.

    interface for adding content
  • From the Add Content menu, choose Landing Page.

    interface for selecting landing page
  • Select the type of landing page to create. NOTE: This example goes through Create New.

    Select the type of landing page to create
    • Create New allows you to set up your Landing Page from scratch
    • The other options - Homepage, Documents, Events, News, Services, and Staff Directory - create a duplicate of the selected landing page which originally "shipped" with your site.  
      • Use this if you accidentally deleted one of these landing pages and need to re-create
      • Once created you can edit the page as needed
  • Add the page title.

    interface for entering title
  • Start building out the Landing Page Content.

    Many options in this dropdown are found on other page types:

    Several options in this dropdown are unique to Landing Pages:

    options for creating content on page

    IMPORTANT: All content entered using this dropdown (e.g. images, videos, heros, etc...) will span the entire width of the screen, bleeding off the page.

    Content must be added within a Page Section to be confined to the width of "normal" column layout.

    Example of different sized images