Add site administrators

You are able to add any person(s) with a Columbia UNI to administer your site.  Administrators maintain all aspects of the site; entering or deleting content, revising menus, etc...

IMPORTANT: Currently, all UNIs entered have identical permissions.  I.e., everyone administering the site has full access to all editing features.

  • Click People from the global navigation to see the list of current administrators for your site.

    From here you can see the list of current site administrators and their current status (e.g. active, blocked,etc...)

    list of current administrators
  • Click Add Site Users to add more administrators.

    Add Site Users button

    NOTE: You can reinstate administration privileges to previously blocked UNIs:

    • check the appropriate UNI checkbox 
    • set the dropdown to using the dropdown set to Unblock the selected user(s)
    • click Apply
  • Select the role.  

    NOTE: currently the only role for Columbia Sites is Content Manager.

  • Enter the real UNIs on separate lines for each new administrator you want to add.

    select role and enter UNI
  • Click Submit. 

    The UNI entered can now administer the site.