Content Moderation

Columbia Sites offers a content moderation for additional cost.

Content moderation adds an additional role: Content creator.

Content moderation allows Content creators to only create content (they cannot publish anything) and Content managers to review this content and then publish as needed. When content moderation is implemented, the templates available to Content creators can be specified for the implementation.

The following is instructions for using content moderation once its been implemented on Columbia Sites.

What is a Content Creator?

Content Creators are users who are allowed to log into the site and create content. They are not able to publish any content to the site. Publishing must be done by the Content Manager.

Prior to Columbia Sites implementing the module, it is decided which templates Content Creators can use to create the content. They can have specific templates available or the full suite if templates.

Once this module is implemented, you need to assign this role to users who will be Content Creators.

Assigning the role Content Creator

  • If the UNI has not yet been entered

    Go to Shortcuts > People and click +Add Site Users

    interface for adding site users
  • Add in the relevant UNIs and select Content creator role

    interface for assigning content creators
  • Click Submit to save the settings

Setting email notifications for Content Managers

An email notification is sent to Content managers when a page is ready for review. In order to receive this email, Content managers must select themselves to receive notifications.

NOTE: not all Content managers need to receive the email notifications

  • Go to Shortcuts > People

    From here:

    1. Select the UNIs who should receive email notifications
    2. Select in the Action dropdown: Add the Receive Workflow notifications role to the selected user(s)
    3. Click the Apply to selected items button


    interface to receive notificaitons