Site Models

Site Models

All site models come with the following features: basic customizable site, single URL, UNI authentication, multiple content authoring logins, University Events Calendar integration, multiple content types, and free workshops and trainings.

At a glance...

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Research Model

Choose this model to highlight academic papers or alumni of your lab or research center. The Publications page is unique to the research model and allows users to tag and sort publications by year, research topic, and author.

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Administration Model

This model is best for groups within the central or a school administration. Pages with sortable lists of administrative services allow visitors to easily identify tasks, information, or the right contact person.

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Academic Model

Integration with CourseWorks and Vergil are exclusive to the academic model, making it ideal for academic departments. Auto-population of course pages with accurate course information makes it easy to keep your website in synch with the Office of the Registrar.