What's Included
Fully Responsive

Beautiful sites on screens of all sizes

Accessible to Everyone

Designed and built to be enabling for all people, and compliant with Section 508 of the Americans With Disabilities Act

Easy Content Management

Hassle-free interface designed for site editors so content can be managed efficiently—no technical experience needed

Integration with Columbia Enterprise Systems

Seamless integration with course information, the people directory, and the events calendar

Free Hosting, Enhancements, and Updates

Built on Drupal 8; new features, security updates, and platform upgrades released regularly

No-hassle Branding

Leverage the prestige and credibility of Columbia for your site with free, University-approved branding designed by Columbia Creative, our in-house design team


Hands-on workshops on social media, content creation and curation, analytics, and using Drupal so you can get the most out of your site

Built-in Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track user engagement and identify popular content so you know how visitors use your site

Additional Features

Columbia Sites standard website models—research, administrative, and academic—are free. Additional features include:

Site Models

Choose a model to learn more about its features and find out how you can get one today.