We're Moving to Google Analytics 4

March 10, 2023

TL;DR Summary

  • Columbia Sites Team will create your Google Analytics 4 account
  • Complete this GA4 User Access form by March 31
  • Universal Analytics accounts stop collecting data July 1
  • Download and save Universal Analytics reports on or around July 1

The Whole Story

We know you’ve been getting emails from Google about moving to Google Analytics 4. We’re writing to let you know that the switch is in progress for all websites built on the Columbia Sites platform and to explain what will happen next.

The Process

The move will happen in several stages, the first of which is to create an account for each of your websites on the new platform. We’ve already done this for you, but to migrate the user access on your current Universal Analytics account to the new one, we need to know who should have access to your analytics.

It is important that you complete this form before March 31.

Once we’ve configured user access for your new GA4 account, you’ll receive an automated email from Google. Follow the instructions in that email to ensure that you have access to the new account.

The new account won’t begin collecting data until April 15, so don’t be alarmed if you log in and see no data.

Important Dates

  • March 31: Deadline for completing GA4 User Access form
  • April 15: Expected completion of GA4 Account setup
  • April 15: Columbia Sites websites collect data in both GA4 and UA accounts
  • July 1: Universal Analytics accounts stop collecting data
  • July 1: Download and save Universal Analytics reports

That’s It for Now

Later, you will need to download your Universal Analytics reports and save them. We advise you to download your reports on or close to July 1. We will remind you to do this; we also hope to have some training material available by then.

Happy Almost Spring!

Columbia Sites Team

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