Ask us about the services we provided to these clients and how long it took to launch their sites.

Research Models

The Center for Molecular Recognition availed themselves of the full complement of Columbia Sites workshops as well as the content migration service.

Over the course of their launch effort, the Grueber Lab used the full complement of Columbia Sites workshops and the content migration service.

K=1 Project

Launching the K=1 Project site required minimal training largely to due to a group of dedicated students who migrated content under the direction of a Columbia Sites editor.

The Workplace Center used the content migration and editorial services of the Columbia Sites team and launched their site after attending several of the trainings and workshops.

Electronic Lab Notebooks

The Electronic Lab Notebooks team completed a few training sessions with the Columbia Sites team and launched their site after completing the content migration process on their own.

Bruno Lab
The epiCURE Center
The SAFE Lab
Administration Model

The web team at ISSO launched their new site with minimal training but with assistance from Columbia Sites on information architecture and content strategy.

Tompkins Hall

Tompkins Hall met with a Columbia Sites editor three times, including training, and launched their site with some advice on information architecture and use of images.

Facilities & Operations

The new online portal for Facilities & Operations drew extensively on services provided by Columbia Sites.

Columbia Community Service

This site began with an inquiry about upgrading an existing site and launched after two training sessions and minimal user experience and editorial input from the Columbia Sites team.

Center for American Studies

The Center for American Studies relied exclusively on services provided by Columbia Sites.

Public Safety

With help content migration help from the Columbia Sites team, Public Safety launched their site using our Administration template.

UPA Breast Study

With our easy to use platform, this one page site was completed within a few hours of the client's request for a new site. I was moved to production within five days.

The client approached us with a mission; combine 10 separate sites into one. Collaborating with the Columbia Sites team, the new site went through extensive user research and testing. 

Academic Model

This group launched their site with support from the Columbia Sites team on content strategy, information architecture, photography, and content migration.

The Columbia Sites team worked very closely with the French department on the site's information architecture, user research and testing.