Columbia Sites 1.84

Release notes for verions 1.84 of the Columbia Sites customized Drupal 8 platform, released July 20, 2020. 

July 23, 2020

New Stuff

  1. Timeline now includes the ability to filter by category and keyword, which is super useful when there are a large number of events. There are three new categories. The first is required; the other two are optional. Each category can be labeled in Site Settings
  2. There’s a new Views Display for the Documents content type; content managers can now opt to sort documents alphabetically by title.
  3. Views Displays for Courses in the Academic Model now display an additional semester.
  4. The font size for Pull Quotes was, errr, a little large, so we toned it down a bit.
  5. That question mark that was showing up on images to indicate the presence of a caption? Yeah, it didn’t work for us either. We swapped it for an “i,” the icon for information.
  6. Videos now can be displayed in a row of three, sorted by publication date or term ID. The new Views Displays are calledwait for itRow of Three and Row of Three (Requires Term ID). We’re good with words; we know. Each view can be displayed with or without summaries.

Things We Fixed 

  1. In the Academic Model, some Courses were appearing twice. We’ve eliminated the duplication.
  2. Some Views Displays for the News Article content type have pagination. We’re not sure how the unnecessary “More” link at the bottom of some of those pages got there, but we vanquished it. 
  3. The Affiliations content type in Research Model was appearing unexpectedly at the top of the page. It didn’t look so great there, so we moved it back to the bottom.
  4. Academic Model gets another fix: Profile editors can now edit the WYSIWYG field of their profiles.   
  5. A change to the YouTube API caused the video player in the Hero content type to only play audio.
  6. Cleaned up RSS Feeds so that “invalid date” does not display when the source does not specify a publish date.

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