Display news articles

News articles can be displayed in total or by tag (if entered).

Display all news articles

Your site came with a news page pre-created.  Simply enable News in your menu; the link now appears in the navigation and all articles created display.

interface for enabling news

Display news articles by tag

Articles that have tags set can appear pre-filtered in a landing page.

  • Create a new Landing Page, adding a Views Display

  • Select a filtered news option

    interface for news filters
  • Enter the TermID (s) into the Argument field

    interface for inserting TermID

Finding the TermID

  • In a separate window open a news article in EDIT mode.

    Select a news article that is tagged to which the Landing Page should filter.

  • Scroll down to the tag field on the news article and copy the tag ID

    In this example, the tag ID is 48.

    interface for finding tag ID
  • Go back to the Landing page screen and enter this ID into the Arguments field

    the ID pasted into the arguments field

    NOTE: To display articles assigned with various tags onto one screen, simply enter each tag TermID, separated by commas. 

  • Save the Landing Page

You are done! The landing page now displays articles filtered to the tag entered.