Add logic to forms

Logic can be added to forms, displaying fields based on prior field values entered.

IMPORTANT: Logic is isolated to a single page and cannot be applied across multiple page forms.  For example, if a form is two pages each page can implement it's own logic.  However, choices make on page one cannot effect fields visible on page two.

  • When adding an element expand the Conditional Logic section

    NOTE: Only add logic to the elements that need to be visible or invisible based on other field values. Logic is not needed for elements that are always visible.

    the elements inside the conditional logic section
  • Select the STATE for the element

    values for state
  • Select the condition from the ELEMENT/SELECTOR dropdown

    This is a listing of all elements added to the page so far. Select the element from the list that impacts the visibility of the element to which you are adding logic.

    ELEMENT/SELECTOR dropdown values
  • Enter the trigger (or state) of the element selected in the previous step

    values for triggers