Reorganize the menu

Once created, the site menu can be reorganized.  The order of the links and complete nesting structure can be revised.

  • Click Shortcuts on the global administrative menu and click Menu.

    This view allows you to easily manipulate the tree structure of the menu by dragging the menu links, deciding the nesting structure.

    go to menu settings
  • Revise your tree structure by using the crosshairs to drag and drop the menu links.

    • Drag up and down to re-order them
    • Drag left and right to change the nesting structure
    crosshairs used for dragging to change navigation order and nesting structure
  • Click Edit to change the properties of the link in the menu, e.g. name, link URL, or description.

    edit button

NOTE: If the navigation link is not enabled it will not appear in your tree structure.