Import Bedework account

The recommended approach for displaying events entering them into your own Bedework account and importing them into the site. This method gives the full range of event functionality including creating recurring events, registration, and maps dynamically generated.

Request a Bedework calendar

If you do not already have a Bedework calendar, you must request one. Once you have a calendar account you will add your events into the Bedework account.

  • Request a Bedework calendar account

    Send a request to [email protected] for both a Bedework account and the feed URL for the account.

  • Once the Bedework account is created, enter in events into the Bedework software.

Import events

  • On your Columbia Sites website click Site Settings

    click site settings
  • Click the Content tab.

  • Paste the feed URL into the Events API URL field.

    content tab selected
  • Click Import Events.

  • Click Save Configuration.

Editing events

Additional event information not included in the Bedework feed can be added to individual events.

IMPORTANT: Information coming from the Bedework feed - time, location, date, etc.. - cannot be edited.

  • Navigate to the individual event page in which to add content.

  • Click the Edit tab for the event.

    the edit tab
  • Add in Featured Content and Content as needed.

    IMPORTANT: Do not edit anything else on this page.  Bedework will overwrite any other edits made with the feed.

    Event listing on webpage before custom information added
    Event before custom information added
    Event listing on webpage after custom text and image have been added
    Event before after custom text and image have been added