Academic Model

Academic Model

This model is designed to meet the needs of groups that administer, teach, or manage courses, distinguished by its integration with CourseWorks and Vergil to provide up-to-date course information.

Unique Page Types

Screen grab of Course Information Integration Feature

Course information is pulled from Vergil and is also integrated with CourseWorks. This page allows department courses to be filtered by semester or their availability to undergraduate or graduate students.

Research Topic Feature
Research Topic
Research Topic

Draw attention to faculty and students working on a particular research area, add news related to their research, and mention centers affiliated with the department.

Cohorts Feature

List masters and doctoral students by cohort and highlight their research interests and theses. 


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Basic Customizable Site
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Single URL
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UNI Authentication
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Multiple Content Authoring Logins
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University Events Calendar Integration
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Exhaustive User Guide
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Multiple Content Types
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Free Workshops and Trainings

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Columbia Sites may not be used for:

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