Block site administrators

Any UNI previously given administration rights can also be blocked from administering your site.  Once blocked,

the UNI will still be on the PEOPLE listing, with the status "Blocked."  You can reinstate administration privileges as any point.

IMPORTANT: Once a UNI is created as an administrator you may only block the UNI.  You cannot delete it.

  • Click People in the global navigation to see the list of current administrators for your site.

  • Check the box on the left for the UNI you want to block.

    checkboxes to select UNIs
  • On the dropdown above the listing, select Block the selected user(s).

  • Click Apply.  

    The selected UNI entered will not have administration privileges to the site anymore.

NOTE: You can reinstate administration privileges to previously blocked UNIs:

  • check the appropriate UNI checkbox
  • set the dropdown to Unblock the selected user(s)
  • click Apply