Multi-page forms

Forms are by default on a single screen.  They can also be broken up across multiple pages. 

NOTE: Most forms are handled well on a single screen. Multiple pages are recommended when the information being gathered breaks down into clear categories, with each screen corresponding to each category.

  • Begin creating a form.

    Read how to create a form.

  • Click +Add page

    +add page button
  • Add a title for the form page

    field to enter title

    The title appears on the wizard bar. 

    example of titles on wizard bar

    NOTE: Titles should refer to the category of information requested.  

  • Enter previous page and next page button labels

    fields for entering previous page and next page button labels

    Next Page  and Previous Page are the default button labels if you keep these fields empty.

    next and previous buttons
  • Enter a confirmation message to appear after successful form submission.

    Click Settings to access the confirmation message.

    click settings

    Scroll down and click on Confirmation Settings and enter in your confirmation message.

    confirmation settings

    Your confirmation message displays after the form is submitted.

    confirmation text displayed
  • Add elements accordingly for each page created

    • Each form page created has an +Add Element button associated with it.
    • Click the form page's +Add Element button to add elements for each page.
    +add element buttons

    NOTE: You can drag previously created elements on the form to any multiple page created by using the element's crosshairs.

    use crosshairs to drag