You can upload documents and link to them in the WYSIWYG.  You can also link to previously uploaded documents.

Upload a new document in a text block

  • Within the WYSIWYG click the link icon.

  • Click Open IMCE file browser.

  • Click Upload.

    upload button
  • Click Add file. Browse to the document you want to upload.

    add file button

Linking to a previously uploaded document

Once a document is uploaded you can link to it from any page on the site.

  • Enter link text and highlight it.

  • Access the IMCE file browser.

    As described above: 

    1. Click the link icon in the WYSIWYG.  
    2. In the popup click the Open IMCE file browser link.
  • Highlight the uploaded document to which you want to link.

  • Click Select.

    linking to previously uploaded document

    The highlighted text is now a link to the document.