Editing pages

All content, either published or un-published, can be edited at any time.  

First, you must locate the webpage you want to edit.  There are two different ways to find webpages:

  1. Navigate to it just like a user would find the page.

  2. Locate it in the Content Library

Locate the webpage by navigating through the public site

  • If a webpage has already been published, simply navigate to it just as would a user.

  • Once the page is located, click the Edit tab to go into edit mode.

    the edit tab highlighted

    You can revise the content as you would normally.

Locate your webpage in the Content Library

All webpages, both published and un-published, can be located in the Content Library 

  • Click Shortcuts > Content Library

    Access content library
  • Use the filters to find your webpage.

    filters for locating webpages
  • Click the edit button for the page you want to edit.

    edit button

    You can revise the content as you would normally.