Content Creator: Creating Content

Content creators create content just like any other user. I.e. Basic Pages, Landing Pages, News Articles, Profiles, etc... are created exactly just like as if a Content manager does. The difference is Content creators cannot publish any pages they create.

Content creators have two options for saving work:

  1. Save and Create New Draft
  2. Save and Request Review
interface for saving work

Save and Create New Draft

This functionality saves your page without doing anything else; no one is notified it was created or needs to be reviewed. You can come back to this page and revise as necessary as often as you would like.

Save and Request Review

When the page is ready for review from Content managers, click Save and Request Review.

NOTE: even after clicking Save and Request Review Content creators can still edit the page

Content Managers will get an email as soon as the Content creator has clicked the Save and Request Review for any page.(assuming they have opted in to receive notifications.) From here, Content Managers can view the page and decide to publish, keep in review or send back to draft.