Adding fields

Form fields are referred to as elements. There are many form elements from which to choose:

  • Go to Shortcuts > Forms

    Go to Shortcuts > Forms
  • Create a new form or find an existing form

    Click  +Add Webform to create a new form

    +Add Webform button

    Click Edit for an existing form to which to add elements

    edit button
  • Select the element to add

    IMPORTANT: For security reasons, The Captcha element MUST be added to every form on your site. This prevents spam and other possible security risks.

    add captcha interface
    listing of elements
  • Enter a unique title for the form element

    enter title
  • If needed, set the element as Required

    Expand Form Validation.

    checkbox for setting required field
  • If needed, add conditional logic to the element

    Expand Conditional Logic.

    settings for conditional logic