Create a news article

This template is good for time sensitive content, such as a news article or announcement.  It does not "pull" content from anywhere else on the site.  News articles will automatically be archived on the site.  


  • Optional summary displays on top of page
  • Showcase optional Image Carousel, Single Image, or Video displays
  • Optional footer displays on bottom of page
  • From the top navigation menu, click Shortcuts>Add Content.

    interface for adding content
  • From the Add Content menu, choose News Article.

    interface for adding news article
  • Enter the topic, title and date for the article.  

    The topic appears on top of the article and behaves like a filter; articles with the same topic will appear together when the topic is clicked.

    The date appears with the article and is also used for sorting articles on the site.

  • [Optional] Enter an editor's note.

    interface for title, date and editor's note
  • Enter the authors, each one in a separate box.  

    For each additional author, click Add Another Item.  Drag the author boxes to the order you want them listed by dragging the 3 blue dots on the left.

    interface for adding authors
  • [Optional]  Enter a summary for the article.

    The summary displays both on the news feed at the bottom of various pages on the site.  Select "Display summary on page" if you want the summary entered to appear on the top of this page. The summary text will appear slightly larger than the body text on your page. 

    interface for adding summary
  • [Optional] You may choose ONE type of featured content, which displays prominently on the top of the page.

    • Image specifications: 706 x 400 px, at 72 dpi 
    • Carousel specifications: 706 x 400 px, at 72 dpi for each image
  • Use this section to build out the bulk of the page. Select the appropriate item in the dropdown for the section of the page you need to create.

    interface for adding content to page
  • [Optional] Tag the article with a topic.

    Start typing into the text box and if the tag exists, it will become available for selection.  If it does not exist, you can still create it here and it will also available for future use. 

    NOTE: Tags can be used to filter articles on landing pages. I.e. Landing pages can be set to display all identically tagged articles.

    interface for adding tags