Add video

You can embed videos and add transcripts for users to read. You can add any video that generates embed code such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Select Add Video when entering content.

    interface for adding video
  • Find the video embed code for your video.


    NOTE: Vimeo embed links may contain code past what is needed to properly display the video. Make sure only to copy the string of text beginning with <iframe> and ending with </iframe>. Discard any additional text past the </iframe>

  • [Optional] Enter a caption for the video. This will appear under the video.

  • [Optional] Enter a transcript for the video.

    The transcript will appear directly under the video in a collapsable field. 

    NOTE: Transcripts greatly enhances both usability and accessibility and is highly recommended.

    interface for entering embed code, caption and transcript