Video Library

A video library can be created for all CU Sites models. Once videos are tagged, users can use these tags to filter the videos.

IMPORTANT: There are three separate categories for which tags can be set. Tagging is not necessary; however, if it is desired you must first create the taxonomy.

Add the videos for your library

NOTE: These videos will display in the library, they are not the same as adding contextual videos to a page.

  • From the top navigation menu, click on Shortcuts > Add Content > Video

  • Enter a title

    The title appears:

    1. On the main library landing page
    2. On the individual video detail page
    title field
    title display on landing page
    title display on detail page
  • Upload an image thumbnail

    Whatever image is uploaded appears on the main library landing page.

    interface for entering thumbnail
    thumbnail display on web page
  • Enter a summary for the video

    The summary appears on the main library landing page.

    field for summary
    summary displayed on web page
  • Enter the video embed code, caption and transcript

    NOTE: The embedded video appears on the individual video detail page, not the library landing page.

    fields for entering embed code, caption and transcript
    video embedded on webpage
  • Use the content dropdown to create any additional content for the individual video detail page

    content dropdown
    content displays on webpage
  • If taxonomy terms have been created, tag the video accordingly

    The terms created display:

    1. On the main library landing page
    2. On the individual video detail page
    add tags interface
    filters displayed on webpage
    filters display on individual video page

Create the Landing Page for your video library

From the Add Content menu option, select Landing Page. You will be given a variety of pre-formatted Landing pages, including Video Library. Just select Video Library, rename the page and save. You're done!

Create a video library with a pre-filtered listing of videos

Sometimes you want your library to only show one or more specific categories of videos and not the entire library.

  • Create a video library landing page

    It's easiest to start by adding a pre-formatted video library page, as described above.

  • Edit the Views Display

    When the Video Library landing page is created using the pre-formatted layout, the Views Display is by default to cu_video_library - Videos, sorted by title

    default setting for the video display
  • Revise the Views Display option

    Revise the Views Display option to cu_video_library, Videos, sorted by title (requires all OR CAT1_TermID,CAT1_TermID/CAT2_TermID/CAT3_TermID)

    interface to select cu_video_library, Videos, sorted by title (requires all OR CAT1_TermID,CAT1_TermID/CAT2_TermID/CAT3_TermID)
  • Enter your taxonomy terms IDs for the video category you want to display

    NOTE: This step is easier in another browser window, since you need the above page accessible.

    Click the Taxonomy menu option and scroll down to the video category containing the terms you want to filter your library.

    interface to select the taxonomy terms
  • Make a note of the Term IDs by which you want to pre-filter your library

    In this example, there are two terms entered:

    • Artists Series
    • DIY Series

    For this example, the video library must only display the Artist Series videos. As such, the Term ID is 243.

    interface for getting term IDs
  • Enter the Term ID into the Arguments field in the Views Display

    Go back to the landing page you are creating for your Video library and enter in the Term ID just found in the step above into the Arguments field.

    interface to enter arguments

You're done! Now this Video Landing page will only display the videos of the Term ID set.