Add a hero

A Hero is a large image on the top of the page that has buttons linking into your site.  Heros can be added only to Landing Pages.

  • Add a Landing Page.

  • Select Hero when adding content

    select hero
  • Add title, select image and text.

    The title appears in large font centered across the top of the image.

    Image specifications: 456 x 1400 px, at 72 dpi.

    Text appears centered under the title in a smaller font.

    enter title, image and text
  • Enter URL and Link Text pairs.

    The URL and Link Text create a centered button on the hero image (entered in Step 3):

    • Link Text displays on the button
    • URL is the link to which the user will go when clicking the button
  • Click Add Another Item to create another button on the image.

    The buttons will all be centered on the hero image.