Add RSS Feeds

You have the ability to add in third party RSS feeds to Landing Pages. This is useful for pulling in news from other external sites which create RSS feeds for this purpose, i.e. the New York Times.

IMPORTANT: It is assumed you have the feed information. 

  • While creating a Landing Page, select Add Third-Party RSS Feed

    interface for selecting rss feed
  • Add a title.

    The title appears centered on top of the feed on the webpage.

    field for entering title
  • Enter the feed URL information.

    IMPORTANT: You must have this information available for this feature. Remember, not all news sites have RSS feeds.

    field for entering in RSS URL information
  • Choose how many items should feed into the page.

    Select from 1 through 10 items in the feed to display. Show the entire feed by selecting Unlimited.

  • Select the date format to display.

    Select the date format to display.
  • Select the feed to display as a list or grid.

    NOTE: Grid displays each title in the feed in a grey box. They are tiled in rows of three horizontally across the webpage.

    select grid or list