Add map location

On Landing Pages, you can embed two types of google maps:

  1. The "standard" google map where you supply location coordinates
  2. Custom Google maps created previously

Embedding a Google map using location coordinates

  • When entering content on a Landing Page, select Add Map Location

    select add map location
  • Enter in latitude and longitude coordinates.

    To find your coordinates, use online sites where you can plug your address and get the coordinates.

    enter latitude and longitude coordinates

Embedding a custom Google map


  • You must previously have created a custom google map.  Instructions for creating a custom Google map
  • You must be logged into a non-Columbia gmail account for creating custom maps; your Lionmail UNI / Password will not work.  
  • As described above, select Add Map Location when entering content.

  • Locate and copy the embed code for your custom map.

    When logged into your non-Columbia gmail account, go to Google My Maps.

    Click SHARE for the map you want to embed.


    Share button

    Click <> Embed on my site.

    Embed on my site link

    Highlight and copy the mid code.

    mid code
  • Back on your Columbia Site, paste the mid code into the Google My Maps ID field.

    Columbia Site Google My Maps ID field

    NOTE: You must also enter latitude and longitude coordinates as described above. Use an address in the center of your custom map to serve as your coordinates.