Tabbed Content

Sites allows you to create tabs users click on to display unique content from each other.

NOTE: Tabbed Content is only available for Landing Pages.

  • Within a Landing Page, select Add Tabbed Content from the content menu

    interface for adding tabbed content
  • Enter in Tab Label and its corresponding content

    NOTE: in this example, "Tab Label" and "Sample content in my tab" was entered into these fields.

    entry fields for creating tabs

    The display will be as follows:

    how tabs look on the screen
  • Click Add Tab button to create additional tabs

    NOTE: Whichever tab is ordered first in the listing of tabs will be the one that displays by default

    add tab button
  • Enter labels for a "header" and "footer'

    fields for entering text in upper and bottom fields

    The display will be as follows:

    text entered in lower and upper fields display

    NOTE: Text entered will be consistent to all tabs and cannot be changed per tab.