Image Cards Carousel

Image Cards Carousel combines image card functionality with a carousel. There is no automatic rotation option.

  • When creating a page select Add Image Cards Carousel

  • Add information pertaining to the entire carousel

    For this example, the following information was added:

    Label: Meet Our Students

    Card Width: 4 (33.33%)

    Text: We have students from all walks of life.

    See below for how this example information renders

  • Add Image Cards for the Carousel

    Add Image Cards button

    Just like you would regular image cards, add in all the image cards now.

    In the example below:

    • four image cards are added to the carousel
    • the grid for each card is set to 4

    This means that each card will use 1/3 of the content space so three cards can show at one time. The fourth card must be rotated through the carousel to display.

    Three cards displaying on the carouse and the fourth needs to be rotated through to view

    The carousel must be scrolled through to see the last card: