Add an accordion

An accordion is a graphical control element, with a vertically stacked list of titles. Each item can be "expanded" to reveal the content associated with that item. Typically used for long pages to help organize the content without overwhelming the user of the length.

  • From any page entry you can add an accordion.

    interface for adding accordion
  • Choose between a Default list and Numbered List.

  • Set the accordion initial behavior on the webpage.

    By default, the Collapse all items box is unchecked.  This means the first item in your accordion will be initially displayed on the page.  All other items in the accordion are collapsed.  Check this box if you want the first item in the accordion collapsed as well.

  • Click Add Accordion Item to begin adding in accordion sections.

    Interface for setting the display and collapsing behavior
  • Enter the title for the section.

    • This is the the title that displays for whatever you enter into that section.  
    • Users will click on this title to reveal the contents of the section.
  • You can add text and images to accordion sections. You can add as many text blocks and images as needed.

    Interface for adding title, text and images into accordion
  • IMPORTANT: The Remove button deletes the entire accordion.