Add an inline image

Inline Images appear in the body of the page.  They are not re-sized and text wraps around them.

  • From any page entry you can add an inline image.

    interface for adding inline image
  • Select the image to upload.

    • This image will not resize. 
    • It will appear on the page sandwiched between the content types that surround it
    • Depending on the size of the image, text may wrap around it
  • Select the alignment.

    • By default it is set to Centered.
    interface for selecting image and alighnment
  • Enter ALT image text.

    • This is important for accessibility because screen readers will read this text for users who cannot see the image properly.
    interface for entering ALT and title text
  • [Optional] Enter the image title.

    • This text will appear when a user hovers their mouse of the image