Uploading and Cropping Images

There are several types of image treatments for your site:

Whichever treatment you need, the steps for uploading, selecting and cropping images for the page are identical.

Uploading and selecting images

  • Insert an image type

    The process is the same for all types of images:

    • Image carousels
    • Inline images
    • Single images
    • Featured content single image
    types of images to select
  • Click Open file browser.

  • Click Upload.

    NOTE: If the image of interest has already been uploaded, just select it by double clicking on the image title

    upload button
  • Browse to the image(s) you want to upload and click Add file.

    NOTE: You can upload multiple images at once. 

    add file button
  • Select the newly uploaded image by double clicking its title

  • Enter Alternative image text

    This is important for accessibility because screen readers will read this text for users who cannot see the image properly.

    alt text field
  • Enter the Image Link to hyperlink the image to another page.

Cropping images

Once an image is selected for a page it appears in the Show Area space with a blue border.  Drag the blue dots to alter which part of the image displays.

NOTE: You can always change the cropping as necessary; the image is not permanently cropped.

interface for cropping images