Add featured content

Featured content is a single image, video or image carousel that spans the entire width on top of the screen.  You may only choose one of these items for featured content:

  • Single image
  • Image carousel
  • Video


  • Select what type of featured content you want.

    • Image Carousel,
    • Single Image
    • Video

Add Image Carousel

  • Select an image for the carousel.

  • Set the carousel height.

    NOTE: The carousel will stay a constant height even if the images are different heights.

  • Set the time between carousel slides rotating. 

    If you do not want the carousel to automatically rotate, select No Automatic Cycling.

Add Single Image

Add Video

  • Find the video embed code for your video.

  • [Optional] Enter a caption for the video.  

    This appears under the video.

  • [Optional] Enter a transcript for the video.

    The transcript appears directly under the video in a collapsable field. 

    NOTE: Transcripts greatly enhances both usability and accessibility and is highly recommended.

    interface for entering video embed code, caption and transcript