Add an icon card

Icon Cards allow you to add highlight boxes featuring an optional icon and a link.

IMPORTANT: Icon Cards can only be created for Landing Pages

NOTE: Icon Cards do not accommodate an image.  

  • When creating a Landing Page, click Add Page Section.

    interface for selecting page slice
  • Set the grid width for the overall set of cards

    Whatever you set here determines the total amount of screen width for the entire group of cards.  See grid widths.

    Interface for setting grid witdth
  • Select Add Icon Card.

    select Add Icon Card

Settings for the overall card group

  • [Optional] Enter a label for the card group. 

    This will appear centered on the group of Icon Cards in blue large font.

    interface for adding label
  • Select a Card width.

    • Remember, you already selected a Grid Width for the Page Section.  The Card width will be applied living within the Page Section width you specified earlier.
    • The Card Width specified is applied to all cards within the Card Group
    • You cannot specify different card widths within the same Card Group
    interface for selecting grid width
  • [Optional] Enter text for the card group.

    • This will appear centered under the label for the group of Icon Cards. 
    • It will render in smaller black font.
    interface for entering title
  • Click Add Icon Card to start entering individual cards.

    Add Icon Card button

Settings for individual cards

  • [Optional] You can add an icon to your icon card. 

    icon box

    Click into the Icon box to see the available icons you can choose for your icon card.

    selection of icons
  • [Optional] Enter the Title for the card. 

    Titles appear centered on the individual card.

  • [Optional] Enter a link for the card.

    This will create a link for the title entered.

  • [Optional] Enter text to appear on the card. 

    This will appear under the title (if entered) and centered on the card.

  • Click Add Icon Card to add additional cards.

    Add Icon Card button

Creating buttons using Icon Cards

An example of two buttons created using Icon Cards
  • Leave the Icon field blank

  • Enter a title for the button

    The title will be displayed centered in the button.

  • Enter a link for the button

    When a user clicks on the button, it will direct the user to this link.

    IMPORTANT: You must enter a link for the title entered above to render as a button.  If you do not enter a link, you will only see text and not a button.

  • Leave the Text field blank