Add a table

You can add a table to display information in rows and columns.  Each row will alternate colors with white and grey background. 

  • Select Add Table when entering content.

    interface for adding a table
  • Check Sorting for table to sort on columns

    NOTE: Sorting enables every column to become sortable.  You cannot select specific columns for sorting.

    sorting checkbox
  • [Optional] Use the first row of cells to create table headers for the columns.


    1. Creating table headers greatly enhances accessibility.  Using the first row to create column headers is highly recommended.
    2. Table headers must be used (i.e. the first row must be entered) if you have selected Table Sorting.
    interface for entering in first row of cells to create a table header
  • Format cells

    You can format the content in the cells using the WYSIWYG controls, just like when formatting text.

    NOTE: Use SHIFT + RETURN to create a hard line break if needed.

    WYSIWYG controls
  • Re-order rows if needed

    Rows can be moved up or down on the table: Roll over the row to be shifted and use the arrows on the left to shift the row up or down.

    interface for moving rows on table
  • Expand Change Number of Rows/Columns to alter the amount of table rows or columns.

    • Adding or deleting rows will effect the bottom-most cells.
    • Adding or deleting columns will effect the right-most cells
    • You must click Rebuild Table for the changes to take effect


    NOTE: You table data will be deleted if you subtract rows or columns which contain information

    interface for viewing row and column count
    interface for editing row and column count