Add a table

You can add a table to display information in rows and columns.  Each row will alternate colors with white and grey background.

  • Select Add Table when entering content.

    interface for adding a table
  • [Optional] Use the first row of cells to create table headers for the columns.

    NOTE: Creating table headers greatly enhances accessibility.  Using the first row to create column headers is highly recommended.

    interface for entering in first row of cells to create a table header
  • Expand Change Number of Rows/Columns to alter the amount of table rows or columns.

    • Adding or deleting rows will effect the bottom-most cells.
    • Adding or deleting columns will effect the right-most cells
    • You must click Rebuild Table for the changes to take effect


    NOTE: You table data will be deleted if you subtract rows or columns which contain information

    interface for viewing row and column count
    interface for editing row and column count