Create a basic page

This template is good for straight content that is specific to the page, i.e. does not "pull" from anywhere else on the site.  Typically used for informational pages.


  • Optional summary displays on top of page
  • Showcase optional Image Carousel, Single Image, or Video displays
  • Optional footer displays on bottom of page
  • From the top navigation menu, click on Shortcuts > Add Content.

    interface for selecting basic page
  • From the Add Content menu, choose Columbia University Basic Page.

    interface for selecting basic page
  • Enter the title and page summary [optional].

    Select "Display summary on page" if you want the summary entered to appear on the top of this page. The summary text will appear slightly larger than the body text on your page. 

    interface for entering title and summary
  • [Optional] You may choose ONE type of featured content, which displays prominently on the top of the page.

  • Use this section to build out the bulk of the page.

    Select the appropriate item in the dropdown for the section of the page you need to create.

    interface for adding different types of content