Creating taxonomies, Lab / Research Site

Creating taxonomies and tags allows you to categorize the same content types into meaningful subgroups.

You can add pages as needed at any time. However, setting up your taxonomy first will save you a lot of time down the road. Many pages use taxonomy in their setup. If you create these pages before creating the taxonomy referenced, you will need to go back and update the page later or, in some cases, not be able to create the page in the first place.

For the Lab / Research Columbia Sites website, there are four taxonomy groups that need to get set: 

  • News article taxonomy terms: topics
  • People profiles taxonomy terms: positionsgroups
  • Publication: publish type, research projects
  • From the main menu, click Shortcuts and then Taxonomy to see all the taxonomy categories.

    access taxonomy
    see all taxonomy categories
    Explanation of terms
    News Topics:

    Used when creating a news article. This creates a news kicker above the article title. 

    People Profiles:

    Used when creating a person profile. These terms become the mechanisms from which users can sort profiles.

    Publish Type, Research Projects:

    Used for creating publications. These terms become the mechanisms from which users can sort the list of publications.

  • Click List terms for the taxonomy you want.

    list term button
  • Click Add term if you need to create another item for the category.

    add term button
  • Add terms.

  • Click Save.