Display service listings

You must create a Landing Page to display a listing of services previously created. Landing Pages can either list all services created or list a pre-filtered view of services.

Create a listing of all Services

Note: This assumes Service pages have been previously created.

  • From the Landing Page content entry, select Add Views Display

    select add views display
  • From the Views Field dropdown, select cu_services - Service List (requires: all OR #/service/term/14,15(

    add service view
  • Type ALL into the Arguments field

    NOTE: The resulting page will be a listing of all services created with service filters for users filter the list.

    arguments field with all entered

Create a pre-filtered listing of Services

NOTE: you must first have a page created showing all services (described above) to create a pre-filtered page.

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above

  • In a another window, view the webpage previously created with the full listing of services (instructions above).

    all service listing
  • Filter the listing to the subset of services you want on the webpage.

    In the following example, the list is filtered to "Defense Against the Dark Arts" and "Jinx".

    example of services filtered by  "Defense Against the Dark Arts" and "Jinx"
  • Copy the arguments generated next to the filters, in this case "#/service/term/32,29"

    example of arguments to copy
  • Go back to the original service Landing Page you are creating

  • Paste the arguements into the Arguments field

    NOTE: in this example, the pasted arguments is: #/service/term/32,29

    example of pasting arugements