Display profiles, Research site

Profiles can be displayed either by enabling the pre-created People page or using a views display on a landing page.

NOTE: The individual profiles get displayed here, each linking to their own profile page.

Enable People navigation

Your site came with a people directory page pre-created.  Simply enable People in your menu; the link now appears in the navigation and all profiles created display.

  • Go to the menu settings

    access site menu
  • Check the box for People to enable the link

    enable people by checking box

    That's it!  Now there will be a People link on your site navigation listing all profiles entered.

Display all people using the views display

  • From the Landing Page content entry, select Add Views Display

    select add views display
  • From the Views Field dropdown select the people view

    Select people - Block - People

    NOTE: Directories can also be created to automatically pre-filter.  Instructions for creating pre-filtered listings

    views field dropdown choices
  • Save the page


You are done! The landing page now displays all profiles entered.