Deadlines are modified events:

  • There are no start dates / times for deadlines, only end dates / times specified 
  • You can force a deadline to list at the top
  • From the Add Content menu select Deadline

    interface to add deadline
  • Add deadline summary information (optional)

    NOTE: The summary entered displays on the deadline listing page. It does not display on the individual deadline detail page.

    interface for summary and title
  • Enter deadline time and date information

    Open Until Filled

    If this box is checked then no date displays for the deadline. The listing will go to the top of the deadline list.

    interface for date fields

    Deadline End Date and End Time

    interface for setting deadline end time
    • If the date and time is entered and the Open Until Filled is NOT checked, the date appears as part of the listing. 
    date displaying on listing
    • If the date and time is set and the Open Until Filled IS checked, the listing appears at the top of the list. If there are multiple deadlines with Open Until Filled checked, they are sorted chronologically using this date and time. 
    interface for open until filled

    Ignore Time

    If this box is checked, the time is not listed on the deadline. 

    NOTE: this setting only effects the front end rendering of the deadline.

    ignore Time interface
  • Enter all the content for the deadline

    Enter all the types of content, e.g. accordions, lists, etc... for your deadline.

    NOTE: All content entered here only displays on the individual deadline detail page, not the deadline listing page.

    interface for content
  • Enter location

    NOTE: Location entered here is unstructured content meaning it does not generate a map location. 

    interface for location
  • Enter a Registration Link for the deadline, if applicable

    event registration field

    Any URL can be set for Registration, e.g. this can be an eventbright URL. It will render as a Register button.

    Register button
  • Enter categories for deadline

    • Filtered listings for deadlines based on categories can be created. See Finding TermID.
    interface for entering category

Modifying the Deadline label

By default, the Deadline label displays as "DEADLINES" when listing out all the deadlines entered:

Deadline label displayed on landing page

You can change the Deadline label to one of your choice.

  • Go to Sites Settings and then Labels and Categorization
interface to get to labels and categorization
  • Scroll down to Deadline Content Label
  • Enter the new label, in this example Susie's Deadline Label
  • Save the configuration
changing the label to Susie's Deadline Label

That's it! Now the labels will reflect whatever was just entered.

how the labels render on the screen