Create faculty profile

Faculty profiles can be created for Academic Distribution sites. 

This template is used to create the faculty people's section of a site. Individual profiles automatically create a Faculty landing page on the site where all the profile images and names can be seen and individual profiles accessed.


  • Optional personal statement displays on top of page
  • Tag profiles to research interests, courses taught, and news articles
  • Automatically formats contact information, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube links
  • From the Add Content menu, choose Faulty Profile.

    interface to add faculty profile
  • Enter a UNI and click Fetch from Directory to have the Columbia Directory find the profile information. Click Populate Fields to have the information automatically fill in the fields on this page.

    interface for entering UNI


    Alternatively, you can click the Continue without Directory Lookup link to enter all fields manually.

  • Click populate fields to automatically fill out many fields in the profile.

    populate fields button
  • Enter or edit name information.

    NOTEDisplayed name is the name that appears on the page.

    First name and Last name are only used on the backend for sorting. 

    interface for entering names
  • Enter faculty rank

    You can use a rank previously set up in the taxonomy settings or create a new rank directly here. See creating taxonomies.

    interface for entering faculty rank
  • Enter research interests.

    You can create a new research interest here or use a previously created research interest.  

    Research interests entered automatically become hyperlinks, linking to the research interest page.

    interface for adding research interests
  • Select Courses Taught.

    NOTE: You can only select Courses Taught if they have been previously imported under Site Settings. See importing courses.

    interface for entering courses taught
  • Enter relevant new articles.

    NOTE: You can only select previously created News Articles.  See create a news article.

    interface for adding news article
  • Enter relevant publications.

    NOTE: You can only select previously created publications.  See create publication.

    interface for adding publication
  • Build out your page content.

    interface for creating bulk of content on page
  • Enter your profile picture and all relevant fields.

    NOTE: if no images is uploaded, a gender-neutral avatar will display

    interface for creating profile sidebar