Add research interest

Research interests are very powerful for your site.  Once created, you can tag them to faculty, students and news articles.

On each research interest page users can see a clear snapshot of everything happening in your department;  all associated faculty, students, publications and news related to the research interest.  This is a very powerful marketing tool for prospective graduate students when making their decision where to apply.


  • Select Research Interest from the Add Content menu.

    interface for selecting Research Interest from the Add Content menu
  • Enter in the title of the interest.

    IMPORTANT: The title is the name for the research interest.  Whatever is entered here will be how the research interest is displayed on the site and the nomenclature for the tags you can choose when entering news, and profiles.

    interface for entering in title
  • Enter the summary for the research interest

    The summary appears on the list of research interests as well as on the individual research interest page.

    interface for adding summary
  • Create content for the page as you would any landing page.

  • Select if you want to display affiliated faculty, graduate students and news articles on the page.

    By default, these options are all selected to display on the page.  Uncheck any option you do not want to show on the research interest page.

    interface for selecting faculty, grad students, and news articles for the research interest
  • Set the priority for the research group.

    This refers to the order the research interest is listed on the research listing page.  If you never change this dropdown, all interests will be listed alphabetically.

    Setting the priority allows you to specify the order.  The priority number and listing position are inversely related; the lower the priority number, the higher on the listing it appears.  The higher the priority number, the lower on the listing it appears.

    interface for setting priority

Changing the "Research Interest" label

There will be websites that want to take advantage of Research Interests but call it by another name. You can change the label in Site Settings:

  • Go to Site Settings and click Labels & Categorization

  • Change the Research Label Field to what the new label should be

    interface for changing label

    In this example, the label now reads "Practice Area"

    Pages effected

    Profile landing page

    interface for profile landing page

    Individual profile page

    interface for profile page