UNI Protected Pages

Your site can have individual pages UNI protected; users will need to log in with their UNI in order to view the content.  If multiple pages are UNI protected, users will only need to authenticate once to access all pages.


  • Uploaded files are not protected on these pages; any person using the direct URLs can access the files. 
  • Files will also be displayed in a browser search. To exclude them from displaying in a search, add them into the private folder
  • Check the "Require login to view this content" box on the bottom of pages requiring log in access

    Require login to view this content checkbox
  • Important: All files must be uploaded to the private folder

    To prevent public access to any files on your UNI protected pages, you MUST upload them to the private folder when uploading. 

    interface for accessing the private folder

That's it! All users coming to this page must first log in with their UNI to see the content.

Again, remember that files are not protected; anyone with the direct URL can access them. 

Files will also be displayed in a browser search.

To protect from both scenarios, upload all files to the Private folder.