Post-graduate profile

Post-graduate profiles can be created for Academic Distribution sites. 

This template is used to create a Post-graduate section of the site. Individual profiles automatically create a post-graduate landing page on the site where all the profile images and names can be seen and individual profiles accessed.


  • Optional personal statement displays on top of page
  • Tag profiles to cohort year and career type
  • Enter employer and position
  • IMPORTANT: To create a post-graduate profile taxonomy terms for Cohort Year must have been previously entered.

  • From the main menu, click Shortcuts > Add Content > Post-Graduate Profile

    adding post graduate profile interface
  • Enter in the name and profile image

    NOTE: profiles sort on first name. The image entered displays on the directory page for post-graduates and on their individual profile page.

    fields for entering in name and image
  • Enter cohort year

    Cohort year is used for sorting the profiles on their landing page.  

    Cohort years are created in the taxonomy section.  See creating taxonomies.

    interface for entering cohort year
    filtered by cohort year
  • Enter "Career Type"

    NOTE: This pulls from the tags entered into the taxonomy. New entries are automatically created.

    career type field
    career type listing
  • Enter employer

    employer field
    employer listed
  • Enter position

    position field
    position listed
  • Optional: enter an Outbound URL link

    If an Outbound URL link is specified, the profile from the main page will link directly here instead of linking to an internal profile page.

    NOTE: if an Outbound URL is specified you are done!  You will not be able to use the content entry section in the next step because your profile is now linking directly to your URL entered.

    outbound URL field
  • Enter content for the profile

    If an Outbound URL was not entered in the previous step, you can create the profile page using any combination of these formatting options.

    enter profile content
    profile individual page