Edit footer

The header can be edited at any time to include:

  • Multiple addresses
  • Social media links
  • Footer navigation links
  • From the top navigation menu, click Shortcuts > Site Settings.

    access site settings
  • By default, the Contact tab will be selected and displayed.

    The fields within this tab effect both the header and footer.

    The fields for the footer are:

    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Internal site URL
  • [Optional] Enter the email address, phone number and internal site URL information.

    contact tab and footer fields
  • [Optional] Select the Locations and Social Media tabs to enter the information.

    Locations and Social Media tabs
  • [Optional] Add navigation links to the footer:

    Select the Menus tab to add navigation links in the footer.

    menu tab
  • Expand the FOOTER NAV.

    expand footer to see fields
  • Enter the corresponding links and titles.

    NOTE: You can only enter up to five navigation links.

    fields for entering links titles and link URLs