For the Academic model, Dissertations can be created and filtered by up to three distinct filters.

  • Dissertations can be filtered by users if needed. Up to three filters can be set up

    If this functionality is needed, the filterable labels must be set and taxonomy terms entered.


    filters created
  • From the top navigation menu, click on Shortcuts > Add Content > Dissertation.

    interface to add dissertation
  • Enter a Dissertation title

    NOTE: The title entered appears on the Dissertation page where all are listed

    interface to enter title
    titles displayed on page
  • Enter in profile names for which the Dissertation applies

    Note: You can only enter in name of Graduate and Postgraduate profiles.

    This Dissertation appears on the Graduate and/or Postgraduate profile pages.

    interface for entering names
    dissertation listed on profile page
  • OPTIONAL: enter in an image for the dissertation

    NOTE: Images appear on the Dissertation page where all are listed

    interface for entering image
    images displayed on the dissertation landing page
  • Set the category filters for the Dissertation

    Select the appropriate categories for the Dissertation

    NOTE: labels and taxonomy terms have to be set up to do this step.  See above.

    enter categories
    filters on screen
  • OPTIONAL: Enter in summary text

  • OPTIONAL: Enter Outbound URL

    NOTE: If and Outbound URL is provided the Dissertation title on the page listing all dissertations will link directly to the URL provided.  It will not link into a page within this site.

    interface for entering in outbound URL
  • If no Outbound URL is specified enter in the dissertation information

    Content added in these sections appear on the Dissertation individual page.

    enter information
    dissertation page