Display all events

Events can be displayed in total, including past events, either by enabling the pre-created Events page or using a views display on a landing page.


  • Bedework imported events and drupal created events display in this view. Events coming from an RSS feed do not display in this view.
  • If there are no upcoming events, past events displays in the main content area.

Enable Events navigation

Your site came with an events page pre-created.  Simply enable Events in your menu; the link now appears in the navigation and all events created display.

interface for enabling events

Save the menu and you are done!

Display all events using the views display

  • Create a new Landing Page, adding a Views Display

  • Select the event filter

    Select cu_events - Events (all)

    interface from the event filters
  • Save the page

You are done! The landing page now displays all events being pulled from Bedework and entered into drupal.