Create alert

Alerts are used to notify users of important information updates.  They display on top of every page on the site and users must manually close them.

  • From the top navigation menu, click on Shortcuts > Add Content.

    access add content settings
  • From the Add Content menu, choose Alert.

    select alert to start creating
  • Enter in title

    The title is the first thing listed on the alert.

    interface for entering title
  • Enter the post date

    interface for entering post date
  • Enter the updated date

    interface for updated date
  • Enter the summary

    The summary displays directly below the title.

    interface for entering summary
  • Select the type of alert

    select type of alert: information or emergency
    • Informational alerts display with an information icon
    • Emergency alerts display with an emergency icon
  • Select relevant tags for alert

    add tags for alert
  • Enter alert information

    enter alert information