Columbia Sites 1.83

October 15, 2019

New Stuff

  1. We have a new content block: Image Card Carousel.

  2. There's also now a gender-neutral People Profile avatar

  3. We added the ability to filter Site Administrators by role.

  4. You can now rename deadlines. If you don't have access to this content type, you can ask us to enable this feature on your site.

  5. Want to pre-filter your video library? This views displays let's you do that.

Bug Zapper

  1. We fixed a bug where image carousels cut off images on mobile.

  2. Instead of displaying previous, current, and next semesters, courses imported from Vergil will now display only the available semesters as term and year value, i.e., Fall 2019.

  3. Search is better. 

  4. Refined the wording used to describe PhD candidates and Phd students.

  5. In the research model, content managers were unable to edit the Affiliations content block. Remedied.


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