Columbia Sites 1.78

July 19, 2018

New Stuff

  1. Blue links on black images are invisible. Now you have the option of making your Image Carousel links white so they stand out against dark backgrounds.

  2. We know you love buttons. Now you can put them in the Sidebar.

  3. Track your visitors’ every move with our new Google Tag Manager module.

  4. You can now add a date field to your Forms.

  5. Don’t have a fancy bio? No worries. You can now link People Profiles to an external URL.

  6. Video Library tags can now be displayed in descending order.

  7. It’s never been easier to find what you need: We’ve put everything under “Add Content” in alphabetical order.

Bug Zapper

  1. Folks using the Research Model were unable to edit their Taxonomy terms because the edit button disappeared. We caught it and put it back in its place.