Columbia Sites 1.0

March 01, 2016

New Stuff

The Columbia Sites customized Drupal 8 platform is now live. The initial release of this website-in-a-box is the Research model, which is optimized for the content typical of labs and research centers and institutes.  

  1. Automatically import events from the University Events Calendar (Bedework).
  2. The News Article content type allows you to create stories that are searchable and shareable and can be automatically aggregated on other pages.
  3. Add longitude and longitude and the Map Location content type embeds a Google Map in your site.
  4. People Profiles can be sorted by groups that you specify or by title.
  5. Enter all your Research Publications, and sort them by title, author, volume, issue, month, or year published.
  6. Customize the header with your logo and main navigation; add your location(s), social media accounts, and intranet login to the footer.
  7. Acknowledge former members of your lab with the Alumni Profile.
  8. Aggregate the work of your lab by creating a unique page for each Research Project, allowing you to associate related lab members, publications, and news stories.
  9. Build a library of all your images with the Gallery content type.
  10. Use Views Display to enter your content once and populate it any number of times across your entire site without having to re-enter the content.
And it comes with these free services
  1. Hosting
  2. Quarterly patching and upgrades
  3. Immediate patching of critical vulnerabilities
  4. Protected pages behind UNI log in
  5. Logo and branding services
  6. User guide
  7. Trainings and workshops: How to Use Columbia Sites, Google Analytics, Content Strategy and Search Engine Optimization, Columbia  Sites Accessibility, User Experience Basics, Social Media Strategy
  8. Pre-launch site review and accessibility audit
  9. Five hours of site-building support post launch

Bug Zapper

No bugs sighted yet, but we’re watching. If you experience Weirdness, email us.