Research Project

  • From the Add Content menu select Research Project

  • Enter Title and select if the research project appears on the homepage.

    When the checkbox Show on homepage is checked, this project title automatically appears on the homepage.

    interface for title
  • Enter Summary and select if summary displays on the homepage

    Entering a summary is optional. Checking Display summary on page checkbox displays the summary underneath the title on the homepage.

    NOTE: By default this checkbox is checked. The summary only displays on the homepage if the title is also set to display on the homepage in the previous step.

    interface for summary
  • Enter featured content and all other content for the research project.

    interface for featured content and all the other types of content entry
  • If necessary, select a listing priority

    By default, research projects are listed in the order entered, with the most recently entered listed on top. If you want to override this behavior use this dropdown.

    Selecting a larger number sends the listing lower; selecting a smaller number sends the listing higher. For example, if you want this research project to be listed first set the listing priority to -1 with all others still set at 0.

    interface for listing priority
  • Enter sponsor information

    interface for entering sponsor info